Monday, November 22, 2010

'arry Potter

I'm not a major fan of the series, so my opinions are not necessarily made as a starry eyed believer. It's been years now since I've read the book, but from what I do remember, the book and the movie were very much alike. This movie, like the book, plays like an extended third act that pulls back some from the action in order to not steal impact from the climactic final movie. I see comments like, Ron and Hermione forever and I don't necessarily agree with that. It seems to me, Rowling, resisting the clamor of her fans and their fan-fiction, to couple romantically Harry and Hermione, did so, by pairing Hermione with Ron. To me, this pairing cuts against the grain and is so obviously a mistake. Ron's a secondary character compared to Harry and Hermione. Even appearing on screen in soft focus, when he shares the screen with the two main protagonist. In the end, it was Rowling's book to write, as she saw fit and it still feels like a false note to me; an unrequited conclusion. 

I post stuff like this on movie sites (and did post this) and I thought, I might as well, up it to my blog. Let me be clear, I post on and not for. There's a difference.


  1. I have friends, and family members, who follow the books and movies closely. But as so many things these days, I just don't get it. I seem to be evolving steadily and unintentionally into an old curmudgeon.

  2. I have to admit, I don't think Harry Potter is the best reading material for a young person. I think this, because of the liberal use of words like witches, witchcraft, etc. As a grown person I can filter out these words and have no desire to read any further on the subject at all, but if I were young, I know that wouldn't be the case, at all. Because, frankly, I think they're batting for the wrong team. What I do appreciate about the Harry Potter universe is the matter of fact acceptance of the unseen, spiritual world. The people who read the book and enjoy the movies, enjoy this as well. To them though, it's only enjoyable fiction.

  3. My daughters all say GO! OTOH, they all read the books as well.