Saturday, September 12, 2009


To borrow a phrase, "A day, that will live, in infamy." A day that the U.S. changed and sadly, not for the better. A day that the world changed and not for the better. Three thousand people dying in the twin towers, forty people dying on flight 93, sixty seven on flight 77 and one hundred twenty five at the Pentagon.  Let's not forget the secret victims of a post 9-11world who died, ironically, as a result of taking alternate forms of transportation, trying to avoid the airways or taking their own lives in response to an emotional turmoil, too great to bare. And God, lets not forget the soldiers, men and women, pressed into action, in answer to a senseless, brutal act of murderous insanity.
September 11, 2001: The fires go unquenched, and have spread around the world.

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