Saturday, September 19, 2009

taurus, the ford

I've spent about a thousand dollars on an old car in the last two weeks. Man that stings. The last three hundred plus was spent at a Ford dealership so it would pass inspection. The first seven hundred plus was spent at a not so Good***r, apparently. It was running poorly, so taking it in to them, they suggested plugs, wires, oil change...etc. Makes sense, I think, so I tell them to go ahead. It seems to work, until it doesn't. Who knows, maybe they damaged something when they were working on it, or it was the coil pack in the first place, or maybe I've been a bad person and things needed to be balanced out somehow. All I know is, it was running really bad and my inspection sticker was up this month and it sure wasn't going to pass like that. The Ford dealership said it was a coil pack, which is pretty much the same as what used to be known as a distributor cap. It's purring like a cat now. A cat that's had about a eleven hundred dollars worth of cat food to eat. As well she well she should.
I'm not going to talk about my old Isuzu pick up now; it would just ruin the mood.

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  1. I bought a Taurus the Ford soon upon my arrival in Texas. Worst piece of junk car ever. Until I bought a Buick Century that was an even worst disaster.