Friday, December 11, 2009


I consider my future, or at least, I hope it's my future. What is the axiom? If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. So with a nod to God, the Great Maker, I consider my future. In this future, I can picture myself with a trailer resting on a pad in Brownsville, Tx or some other city located coastally. I find myself sitting beneath the sparse shade provided by a palm tree of some sort, preparing a rod and reel for some coastal fishing, where for lunch, I'll be fishing for some red snapper.
It's a day sunny, breezy and generous with time.
A breeze blows through my thoughts and the dream dematerializes, where a new one forms, behind the busy shutters of my mind.


  1. I like Long Beach, WA myself, though the warmth of Brownsville beckons more each year...

  2. Old bones need warmth and long days with plenty of sunshine. =)

  3. What a lovely future, especially at the moment with the recent "cold" spells.

    I have but one question: why Brownsville!? It's not even on the coast!!! South Padre is on the coast and Port Isabel is on the mainland side of Laguna Madre, but Brownsville is something like 30mi from any beach. Plus, you definitely don't wanna live in Brownsville. It's scary in most places. I'd go for Port Aransas personally. It's amazing there. :D

  4. Port Aransas it is then. Thanks for the info. =)