Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hush of a river, roar of a crowd

Took a night time ride on my bicycle last night, along the Trinity Trail. The trail is undergoing some improvements(?) as it crosses under the University St bridge. So, in order to hop on the trail it's necessary to get on at Rogers Rd. According to google maps its 1842 Rogers Rd.

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The image here is misleading though. It looks like that, certainly, but they've thrown up some new condos along Rogers, north of the entrance you're looking at now. Currently there's a sign there in the shape of a stop sign saying: "stop look and lease." Something like that, you get the idea. To conclude and get to the point; TCU was having it's game against Utah last night and there was a record crowd of spectators on hand at the Amon Carter Stadium to see the game. As I rode along the dark, deserted and spooky trail, inhabited by no one but one hobo, the roar of the crowd competed with the sound of the Trinity River. I've never gone to professional sporting events, preferring rather the comforts of home. But the sound of the mob was exhilarating in a thumbs up/down, sort of way. Speeding along the trail at night, the cool wind rushing over me, the river silver, up and running, providing for me, its own rush of exhilaration.

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