Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year.

All new year's eve celebrations are not created equal.  Some, despite best intentions, are just a little bit flea bitten and have an undercurrent of sadness; like the one I was at. Walking through this gathering of people at a bar, which will go nameless and geographically unlocated, I gather up these impressions and examine them afterwards.  I must say, when I say sad, please don't infer that I mean in any way, I hold myself superior to those whose time I shared, if only very briefly. In fact, it's possible, the scent of quiet desperation I was sensing, was in large part, emanating from myself. Reaching this conclusion, my immediate inward response is typical...I must resolve to make changes. Ugh, I'm thinking. Today is the first day of the new year. Today and its counterpoint, tomorrow, are integral to what we hope to achieve, in this, our new year.  I resolve that by new years eve, at the the end of this year, two thousand eleven, it will not bounce along like some dirty and partially deflated balloon, mostly absent of helium's lift. I need to choose one or two things to work on then. Something personal that I can point to at years end and say, I did it. First, let's steer away from the rocks, shall we?


  1. Wow. Year end/beginning festivities really bring out the philosopher in you!

    Indeed, let's steer away from the rocks...

  2. In addition to the rocks, stay away from ditches, curbs, and all sorts of things. Seriously, this promises to be a very exciting year. It might even be positive!