Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've finished my chores, paw, can I get my bicycle out of lay-a-way, now?

A day late, or so, I'm afraid. It's a 2009 Trek 1.5.   Its been said, believe half of what you see and none of what you read. Keeping that in mind, from what I've read on the net, the 2009 1.5 is a better bike than the 2010 1.5 . In my limited experience, I must say, it's quite a bike. There's a group of bikers who are also bloggers that organized a ride yesterday, in Fort Worth. Miles, of Rat Trap Press, spearheading the effort. Unfortunately, I didn't have my new bike out yet and I was near exhausted from the work week of gathering straw to make mud bricks for pharaoh's cities. I've got my new bike now and maybe if and when the group organizes a new ride and I'm up to speed on my bike, I'll be able to join them. I hope so.


  1. Too bad you couldn't make it, but we'll get everybody together again soon. Now lets see some pictures of the new bike.

  2. I think there will be more rides. I think something different each time. Next time pharah says you can have the day off.

    Now, to keep us entertained, we'll be needing to hear more about this alleged bike...