Sunday, October 4, 2009

the southside

Saturday, the weather was not in a cooperative mood with the near southside's, Arts Goggle. Lots of rain and fall temperatures ended up putting the squeeze on things, I think. This is the first time for me to even go, so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe last night was a resounding success. It didn't seem so much it like it to me, though. The near southside is also known as the hospital district, with lots of old interesting buildings and houses. People with extra money and time, apparently, are buying up the buildings and repairing them as well as many of the old homes, as well. That's a good thing. Being a strange child, it's hard for me to get around the old buildings without getting the distinct impression that ghosts from the past are moaning just beyond ear shot; wanting to tell their stories, hoping to find someone who can hear.  Many of the buildings are gorgeous with old world touches, but are in a state of disrepair until those with the afore mentioned money and time get a hold of them. I wish them luck. I must get a digital camera so the one or two people who may peruse this blog can take the walk with me. Later, dude.


  1. One of my engineers lives there. He loved it until Bell moved us all up to Alliance. He still likes it but the TRE to work isn't an option for him any more.

  2. There's some nice neighborhoods there. If the economy holds, the Southside will be like Berkley Place and Mistletoe Heights in short order.