Monday, August 10, 2009

bi cy cle

I've got a mountain bike, and it's a dangerous mechanical thing, or at least, it can be. We grow older and as we grow older it's typical of us to want and capture a little bit of Gloria. The thing is, the reality of riding a mountain bike collides with the memories of riding a bike and our present physical limitations. Perhaps more importantly the frailties of joints and limbs and their absolute necessity in enjoying life. So I'll keep my mountain bike, but I'll be riding on tamer trails. Not willing though to give up my pursuit of Gloria, I've put a road bike on lay-a-way and will have it out soon enough. I used to enjoy riding a bicycle and I hope to find I still feel that way. So lets go, you and I, over the hills and through the meadows, breathing deep a little bit of Gloria.

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