Wednesday, August 19, 2009

weekend getaway

I'm going to go to my lbs this weekend and make another payment on my bike. I'm not in a real hurry to get it paid off, it's a little too hot to enjoy being on a road bike when I'm out in the heat all day anyway. September is not too far away with it's promise of cooler weather and October with it's promise of winter. Shorter days with long shadows at five o'clock. Flocks of birds overhead, flying south. Long nights with the full moon lighting the earth with its silvery white light. All the stars leaning in close to peer at us below. The arrival of a new season is very much like a relative coming to visit. To begin with, it's always an enjoyable experience to catch up on memories and current events, but begins to drag. When are they going to leave, you'll find yourself thinking. Spring gives way to summer and in Texas that can be quite an ordeal. Fall...blessed fall, yields to winter. And on it goes.

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