Saturday, August 15, 2009

friday night-people watching

My brother was in town and not wanting to spend his friday night staring into a computer monitor, he gave me a call. Normally I don't go out on a friday nights. Sure, when I get off work I'm thinking I'm going to get cleaned up and get out for awhile, but I'm tired, I have my first beer and then, the inevitable surrender to the couch. Not this friday night, O no. Anyway, he called and "sure, let me get cleaned up..." I met him at Fuzzy's Taco Stand on Berry St over by T.C.U. Man that place does a jam up business. Pretty decent food too. Had me a ground beef taco on a crispy shell and a ground beef burrito. Myself, I'm not too crazy about shredded beef. It makes the beef have a chewy feel to it and I'm not too crazy about it. Also it's necessary for a taco to be on a taco shell. Nowadays it's possible to say taco and get a taco on what amounts to a tortilla. That's not a taco...that's a small burrito. For me it's not a taco unless its on a crispy shell. Call me old school. We sat outside, had our food, made small talk and people watched. Life is good.


  1. How can you go to Fuzzy's and not have Fish Tacos???? This perplexes me. Fish tacos at Taco del Mar, in the Northwest, are good, but they ain't as good as Fuzzy's.

    On a totally different note. Your blog needs pictures. Other than that, all is good, and I want me some Fish Tacos.

  2. yea i'm contemplating the purchase of a digital camera. stay tuned.